Manufacturer Italian specialist in sink and drain drains.

The roots of the company LIRA The company's history dates back to 1925, when they began manufacturing seals and accessories for faucets. At the same time, they also worked on developing ideas that could revolutionize the plumbing industry. This approach soon developed into a real company philosophy, which led them to constantly research and develop extraordinary innovations.

In 1959, they decided to take a close look at siphons: their handling of this well-established and proven plumbing equipment involved the use of a special material: virgin polypropylene. LIRA immediately began work on the first experimental production series, even though the market response was initially rather tiande. Nevertheless, nobody in the Lavorazione Italiana Rubinetti Accessori ("LIRA") was discouraged by the initially slow absorption, and by the next minute, even the most resistant to plumber changes had been won over. The spirit of innovation and development that characterized the company LIRA from the outset remains intact, as evidenced by the fact that their production techniques continue to use state-of-the-art technology.

Lira S.p.A. is located in Valduggia, a charming little town in Valsesia, known worldwide as a crossroads for the manufacture of taps and faucets.

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