EQUATAIR Classic heat recovery unit with log support



Heat recuperator CONFORT DOMO. EQUATAIR Classic heat recovery unit with log support reference CD0130+CD0136.

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EAN13 : 3664198338573

SKU : AMPRE0130+0136

Fabricant : CONFORT DOMO

Réf : CD0130+CD0136

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EQUATAIR Classic heat recuperator with Deco kit (spout support), reference CD0130+CD0136.

You appreciate your open fireplace for its warm and friendly appearance, but you surely know that 80% of the heat released by an open fireplace is lost...

Thanks to our heat recuperator, keep the pleasure of your open fireplace, but take full advantage of its calories and make important heating savings!

Easy to install :

  1. Place the heating element on the specially designed Kit-deco or on your andirons.
  2. Using the flexible metal liner, connect it to the fan that you will have placed on the left or right side of the chimney.
  3. That's it! You can start your fire; in ten minutes, the Equatair Classic will heat your room nicely.

Operating principle :

The fan draws air from the room and sends it into the flexible duct, then into the heating element placed in the heart of the embers; the air absorbs a maximum of heat there and then diffuses it into your room.


The air snakes for 1.70 metres through the hottest part of the chimney (750 to 850°C) and is then vented directly into the room when it has reached its maximum temperature. Twenty minutes after lighting the fire, the air is already at 200°C, and can reach 350°C within an hour. As it is dry air that is blown out, there is no risk of burning; the principle is the same as that of a hairdryer.

With its 7,000 Watt heat output, the Equatair Classic can heat up to 230 m³. This speed in obtaining a pleasant temperature in the room is particularly appreciable in secondary residences or for intermittent use of the fireplace (a few hours in the evening in particular).

The width of the heating element (50 cm) allows it to be placed even in small fireplaces; in large fireplaces, it corresponds to the effective width of the firebox (a log of one meter burns only over 60 cm); a wider heating element would be less efficient.


The fan consumption is very low (35 W); moreover, to optimize the efficiency of the heat recuperator, it is not necessary to maintain large flames, good embers are enough.


Blown through a single vent, the air is distributed horizontally and then harmoniously, giving an even temperature throughout the room. By leaving the doors open, the heat can spread to other rooms. The foam filter, placed at the fan inlet, avoids the carbonization of dust.

Modular :

The heating element is reversible, it can be installed either with the air inlet on the right or on the left. The same applies to the Kit-deco.

The small elbow allows the chimney to be bypassed and is placed between the flexible liner and the heating element. At the outlet of the heater, the telescopic extension guides the air flow out of the fireplace for deep chimneys. These two accessories are supplied with the appliance.
EQUATAIR Classic heat recovery unit with log support

EQUATAIR Classic heat recovery unit with log support

Heat recuperator CONFORT DOMO. EQUATAIR Classic heat recovery unit with log support reference CD0130+CD0136.

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